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Support for Apple ID
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Support For Apple IdForgot Apple id password is like a secret that can be used to get connected to iCloud, iTunes, and the App Store. It is also clear that human errors are possible and make you forget your password due to different reasons. In such conditions, you need to reset your forgot Apple ID or password. You need an Apple ID or password whenever you want to log into iCloud on a new device, use App store for the first time and download something from iTunes.

Support for Apple ID

There are three popular ways through which you can recover and reset password using email address or web.  These include:

  • Recover or Reset Forgotten Your Apple ID or Password on iPhone & iPad
  • Find a Forgotten your Apple ID by Email or Old Email Address
  • Reset an your Apple ID Password from the Web

When it comes to recovering or resetting Forgotten Apple ID or Password on iPhone & iPad, use the following process:

Open the Settings app and scroll down and tap on “iCloud”

Click on the email address displayed at the top of the iCloud settings screen

Click on the blue text shown below the password entry. The blue text will state “Forgot Apple ID or Password?” and comes with 2 different options.

  • Go for first option if you know your Apple ID and don’t remember the password. There you can type in your email address and click “Next” in order to start the reset process
  • Go for second option if you don’t know your Apple ID. Simply click on “Forgot your Apple ID?” and fill out your full name and email address.

Then answer the security questions concerning Apple ID, and follow the directions shown onscreen.

Now, you can reset the password for the account and then login.

If you fail to find your Apple ID, try these options:

  1. Go to Apple iForgot website by opening web browser>Enter the first and last name, your current email address, and all prior email addresses>Answer security questions.
  2. Apple ID reset process: Go to “Manage your Apple ID” and choose the “Reset your password” option> Enter the email address and answer the security questions to complete the process. Or you can also go to the URL  to reset Apple ID Password the password.


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