What are The Steps to connect MacBook Pro to a Printer?

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Unable to connecting mac pro to a printer? Facing troubles while setting up? Don’t worry! There are two methods with the help of which you can establish a connection between Mac pro and device. Choose the mode according to your suitability.

Follow the given steps to connect a wired cable printer to the MacBook

Are you experiencing a problem in connecting mac pro to a printer? Don’t worry as reading this blog will help to fix this problem.

1. Press the facility button to show on the printer.

  • If the machine doesn’t activate after pressing power button then confirm it’s connected to an influence source.

2. Take a USB cable to attach both machines.

  • There are two different cables that came with the printer, one is power line and therefore the second is USB cable. Use square-type connector during this case.

3. Connect the opposite end to the printer.

4. Once the connection is successful, the printer will show on the screen menu.

5. If you don’t find the printer on MacBook then you would like to download the right driver for it.

6. To put in the driving force, insert the CD driver which comes together with your printer and permit it to initiate installation.

  • If the CD is lost or not found then download the acceptable Printer Driver for Mac from the web consistent with the model and name of your printer.

7. Confirm if the printer is prepared. If its name is displayed on the Printing sheet then it’s able to print. If not, then still next step.

8. Add your printer to the list to require prints

  • Navigate to feature printer to the Printing Sheet men

get navigate printer

  • A list will appear on the screen, select your machine’s name and click on Add button.

get list will appear

Methods of Connecting Mac Pro to a Printer

get conneting mac pro to a printer

Method 1- With the assistance of USB Cable

a.) Power On the printer by pressing the facility button.

Depending upon the model, location of power button differs. ask user’s manual just in case if you’re unsure .

Make sure the device is connected to power source by plugging cable to wall outlet.

b.) You get two cables while buying the device i.e. power line and USB cable.

c.) At the side of Mac Pro search for square hole and tuck away the USB of printer during this hole.

d.) Printer icon are going to be displayed on the screen after establishing a connection. If it doesn’t, you’re required to look and install the driving force . (Note: In Mac Pro, you do not need to install software).

e.) Check the Printing Sheet while printing or undergo Print & Fax Preferences to seek out out whether the device is prepared to print or not.

f.) Select Add Printer if you’re unable to seek out your device name appearing on Printing Sheet.

Method 2- Connecting with the Wi-Fi

a.) you’ll save space also as minimize the problems in cable connections while connecting with local Wi-Fi.

b.) so as to avoid fraudulent and exploitation with the network, there are certain restrictions imposed without which the security are often jeopardized. So, make sure that you’ve got cleared access restrictions of Wi-Fi printer like Mac address filtering.

c.) Just check your device is displayed within the pop-up menu. If yes, select it and print. In case, if it doesn’t choose Add Printer and you’ll see Setup Utility. you’ll find an inventory of devices. Click Add after selecting your device.

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