iTunes Error 14 or iPhone Error 14 for iOS 12? Get it Fixed Easily Now!

iTunes Error

You might have received this iTunes error 14 message while trying to revive or upgrade your iOS to iOS13 device using iTunes and other such glitches and bugs are often annoying, to mention the smallest amount . However, they’re really not such an enormous deal. In fact, if you read this text in entirety you will be armed with not one, not two, but several different methods by which to repair iTunes.

itunes error 14

Part 1: what’s iPhone Error 14 (iTunes error 14)

iPhone error 14 is a mistake you encounter while trying to revive or upgrade your iOS to iOS13 device via iTunes, intrinsically it’s also referred to as iTunes error 14. It are often caused by variety of various causes, a number of which are listed below:

Due to a bad USB cable.
Due to a mistake with firmware upgrade.
Due to a lack of capacity within the iPhone.
Due to an unstable network connectivity.
Due to an outdated iTunes.

Part 2: Fix iTunes Error 14 on iOS13 by checking the USB cables and connectors

Before you are trying out any software-related solutions, you ought to check to ascertain that each one your USB connections are working well, because sometimes the iTunes may appear as a results of a poor connection. A faulty connection can also end in iPhone error 9. this will be easily checked:

Use an ingenious Apple USB cable.
Try switching the USB port and use another one.
Try using the cable in another device.

fix iphone errorAfter doing all of this if iTunes error 14 persists, then you’ll try next methods.

Part 3: Fix iPhone error 14 or iTunes error 14 on iOS13 without data loss

This is an all-in-one sort of solution to all or any software-related problems which can be resulting in iPhone error 14. As you’ve got already read, iTunes may happen for variety of reasons. so as to diagnose the precise explanation for the error, you’d need to try various different methods individually. that might convince be a huge waste of your time and energy, to not mention a number of those methods may alright cause complete data loss.
As such, we highly recommend that you simply use dr.fone — iOS Repair. because it’ll scan your entire iPhone for problems, and regardless of the issue could also be , it’ll fix it, which too with none data loss.

How to fix iTunes error 14 (iOS13) with dr.fone?

Launch dr.fone after downloading it. Choose ‘Repair’ from the most menu.
Connect your iPhone to the pc employing a lightning cable. Click on the primary option “Standard Mode” to repair error 14 without losing phone data.
dr.fone will detect your iPhone model, then it’ll detect the newest firmware to download also . Simply click on ‘Start’ then lay back and relax as this might take quite while.
Once the download is complete, dr.fone will immediately start scanning and repairing your device. After it’s done, you’ll receive the message “repair of the OS is complete.” the entire process takes about 10 minutes!
As long because the problem lies within the software, this method will easily fix iTunes error.

Part 4: Fix iTunes error 14 on iOS13 by updating iTunes and therefore the OS

iPhone error 14 is additionally referred to as iTunes error 14 because it only comes up when you’re attempting to revive or upgrade an iPhone using iTunes. during this case, there could be two problems which will cause iPhone error 14: an outdated iTunes; and an outdated OS .
All you’ve got to try to to is attend the App Store, then click on ‘Updates.’ you will find all the newest software updates available here. If either your iTunes or your OS is outdated, you’ll know. If you discover that no new update is out there , then advance to subsequent solution

Part 5: Fix iPhone error 14 on iOS13 with a hard reset

iTunes error 14 also can be fixed with the assistance of a tough reset. However, using this method will surely cause data loss because it reverts your iPhone to factory settings. this is often why you ought to create a backup before you attempt this. this is often how it’s done:

  1. Press both the house and therefore the Sleep button together for 10 seconds, until the screen goes blank and your iPhone restarts.

restart iphone

2. Once you see the apple logo on your screen, release the buttons and            await a short time for it to travel away.

3. Your iPhone will automatically reset itself, and you will just need to give  your passcode.

4. Check to ascertain if your iPhone error 14 has been fixed, if not then read on for more.

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