How to Use Macbook Pro Recovery Mode?

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How to use Macbook Pro recovery mode

If you need that you have to utilize the Mac Recovery Mode here’s how to do that. We likewise take a gander at the key blends expected, how to utilize Recovery HD, how to boot from Recovery over the web, and how to discover things like Terminal once you are Recovery Mode.

Recovery Mode :- Recovery Mode is a special mode that loads macOS’ built-in recovery tools from a special disk partition that holds a recovery image along with a copy of the macOS installer. Your Mac can’t be recovered in some other manner; use Recovery Mode to analyze circle issues, get help on the online or install the version of macOS that recently ran on this Mac.

How to start Mac in Recovery Mode

  1. Click on the Apple logo at the upper left of the screen.
  2. Select restart.
  3. Quickly hold down the Command and R keys until you see an Apple logo or spinning globe. Hold the keys until the Apple logo appears.

    4. In the long run your Mac will show the Recovery Mode Utilities                       window  with the accompanying alternatives:

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Be that as it may, there are various distinctive key mixes you can use to boot in Recovery mode relying upon what you need to do, we detail these beneath.

Which keys to use for macOS Recovery Mode

Command +R

Use this if you need to install the latest version of macOS that you had installed on your Mac (it won’t install a more up to date form on the off chance that you hadn’t overhauled).

Option + Command + R

Use this if you want to upgrade your latest version of macOS that is compatible with your Mac.

Mac Recovery Mode options

  1. When you start up in Recovery Mode you will see the following options:
  2. Restore from a Time Machine backup
  3. Use Disk Utility to confirm and repair connected drives
  4. Check your internet connection
  5. Get help web-based utilizing Safari Get help online using Safari?
  6. Install or reinstall macOS

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