How To Fix Netflix Error 139 on Apple TV?

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Error 139 indicates that there could also be some technical problems with Netflix itself or your internet connection. If you’ve got been streaming Netflix on your Apple TV, then rather than getting worried just Fix Netflix Error 139 on Apple TV by taking assistance from a tech-savvy person.

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Steps to Fix Netflix Error 139 on Apple TV

The following are the steps of annihilating this sort of error. So, keep your eyes feast on the below points and do an equivalent procedure:

1. Check Your Internet Connection Causing Error 139

Firstly inspect your internet connection because the error code ‘139’ is presumably occurring on the Apple TV thanks to the bad internet connection. To see it follow the below steps:

  • Open another website to see the server connection
  • If the page takes a lot of your time to load, then you’ve got a connection issue
  • Now disconnect your Wi-Fi and wait 30 seconds then reconnect it

2. Try a special Network

Go to Settings > Wifi and choose a special Wifi connection and connect with it by entering password, if it requires one.

Once connected, return to Netflix and check out to run your video. If the connection is sweet, the error shouldn’t appear again.

3. If Netflix still isn’t responding, uninstall and then reinstall Netflix

If Netflix still isn’t responding, uninstall then reinstall Netflix. To try to to it follow the below steps:

  • Delete the app by holding the icon for few seconds then remove it
  • Go to the “App Store” and download and install Netflix
  • During this, you’ll be generally required to supply iTunes password
  • Once reinstalled, enter your Netflix credential and access the video
  • Now, the remake shouldn’t have any connection issues and will run videos seamlessly

4. Reboot Your Device

Get Reboot Your Device

Another simple thanks to getting obviate the error 139 on Netflix is to reboot your device. Simply close up your Apple device and wait 30 seconds then turn it back on again.

Have you clearly followed-up the above steps one by one? Still not getting your error Fix Netflix Error 139 on Apple TV from the root? Now, you’re thinking that what should to do? If really so, then do nothing except placing an out in Netflix Support Number  +1-855-834-2053 as only here your query is going to be tackled under technical supervisor.

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