How to Fix Mac Won’t Connect To Wi-Fi… ?

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Why won’t my Mac connect to Wi-Fi? 5 ways to troubleshoot …

Mac Wi-Fi Problems are one of the common issues for Mac users. Many users complained their Mac won’t to Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi issues can be caused by many factors, such as a Wi-Fi network scheme, the router settings, and so on. If you are facing this issue, we have some solutions that may help you to solve it easily all by yourself. Fix Mac Won’t Connect To Wi-Fi

Solution No. 1: Restart your Mac

Restart your Mac. This is the fastest and easiest step before you try the other solutions. Restarting Mac will ensure the issue isn’t related with the Software. It is recommended to uncheck the option “Reopen Windows when logging back”. Thusly, Mac won’t open the last app that was used before the restart.

Get restart you mac

Solution No. 2: Remove Login Apps

If the Wi-Fi issues are as yet showing up after you restarted your Mac, try to remove login items and restart once more. Login items are an application that will be opened automatically after login. By removing it, the Login Items won’t open by itself and it might solve your Mac Wi-Fi issues.

  • Open system preferences >> Users & Groups
  • Click tab Login Items
  • Check all applications
  • Click the (-) sign

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Solution No. 3: Forget Your Wi-Fi Network

Another trick you can attempt is causing your Mac to overlook the Wi-Fi arrange you’re having issues with.

Do this by by opening your Mac’s network preferences, as described below:

  • Click the Apple logo in the upper left corner and pick System Preferences.
  • Select the Network category, and afterward click Advanced inside its board.
  • Choose the system you’d prefer to overlook and hit the less sign.
  • Click OK, and then Apply.

You’ll then have to reconnect to the Wi-Fi network manually. Do so by clicking the Wi-Fi icon on the right side of the menu bar. Next, select the Wi-Fi network you want and enter its password.

Solution No. 4: Change Location to Automatic and Renew DHCD

If you are frequently changing the Wi-Fi network and make a special location, to ensure to reset it to the automatic settings. It will permit your Mac connect with the new Wi-Fi network.

  • Go to System preferences >> Network
  • Choose Location
  • Click Automatic
  • Then, go to Advanced >> TCP/IP tab
  • Click on Renew DHCP Lease

Solution No.5: Wi-Fi is not detected

Usually, it’s associated with hardware and you need to contact Apple care or the nearest Apple Service Provider.

With above 5 solutions, you may have succeeded in fix Mac Won’t Connect to Wi-Fi. Still, If you are facing problem with Mac then call our toll-free Macbook Support Number +1-855-834-2053.

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