How to Fix iPad Mini Error Code 1667..?

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Fix iPad Mini Error Code 1667

The iPad Mini error code 1667 seems to be occurring once you upgrade to iOS 7 (or 7.0.4) from a previous iOS version or while doing software update or just fooling around the apps or mails etc. due to the exceeding storage capacity of your iPad Mini 2, corrupt iTunes installation on PC or Mac, faulty USB cable/port, or disrupted connection, the error 1667 may show up and keep you restless by not letting you employ your iPad Mini for the explanations you’re trying to find .Therefore, fixing the error is important and here are some proven and tested fixes for it.

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There are two (5) ways to Fix iPad Mini Error Code 1667

Step 1:Free Up Space

If the error shows up once you are upgrading to the iOS 7 or later version, then it indicates that your iPad Mini 2 is running above the storage capacity it’s. Therefore, copy the info, which you immediately don’t need then delete it off your iPad Mini. You’ll either copy through iTunes to your PC or Mac or reserve it all to your iCloud account as desired. If needed, buy more storage then do the needful. When done taking data backup, release the space. Afterwards, retry the update to iOS 7 or 7.0.4 and it should undergo without error.

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Step 2: Change USB Port

It has been observed that the third-party USB cable or a faulty USB port on your PC or Mac can cause this error during software update or data transfers. So, first confirm that you simply use the first USB cable (lightning cable) shipped together with your iPad Mini 2 then do the software update, sync or data transferring through iTunes etc. If you are doing not have the first cable, then buy one and your problem are going to be resolved. If the error occurs with the first USB cable, then try a special USB port on your Mac or PC. Changing the port has appeared to fix the error for several. A faulty port may cause this error.

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Step 3: Uninstall/Reinstall iTunes

There are chances that the desktop version of your iTunes software on your Mac or PC has gone corrupt following which the error crops up once you plug your iPad Mini 2 thereto to sync etc. Therefore, you ought to uninstall the iTunes’ desktop version then reinstall its latest and compatible version consistent with your OS.

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Step 4: Reset iPad Mini 2

If the error still appears, then press and hold down the house button plus Sleep/Wake button together until the red slider appears and also the Apple logo. When the brand pops out, release buttons. Now let your iPad Mini pack up . When done, press and hold down the Sleep-Wake button unless the device boots again. When done, the difficulty should be fixed. You’ll redo the software update or whatever you were doing.

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Step 5: Hard Reset iPad Mini 2

If rebooting iPad Mini didn’t help fix the error, then hard resetting it’ll surely do. You want to copy your data before you reset iPad Mini 2 to factory settings. When through with data backup, browse to “Settings”, “General”, and “Reset All Settings”. Confirm the action when prompted. When done, the device will complete a round of power cycle. When done, press and hold down the Sleep-Wake and residential button together to reboot the device. When done and prompted, restore your data either from iCloud or iTunes as desired.

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If the error 1667 continues to appear while you update to iOS 7 or later version or do software updates etc. following which you are unable to proceed, call us at our toll-free number +1-855-834-2053 and speak to an Apple expert to Fix iPad Mini Error Code 1667.


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